Parting Chances

Parting Chances - Caylie Marcoe
2.75 stars ★ ★ ★ ☆

Thank you Mom, for everything.

This simple phrase and the author's thank yous define this whole book. I gave this book three stars because I don't think it deserves 2 stars, but if GD had half stars I would have used those. This book is amazing and annoying... with a perfect ending.

You may ask how can a book be both amazing and annoying. I know... I really am having a hard time rating it.

This book is about a college girl, Haley, who is going through a bad time. Her mother is seriously ill. She is dying. Cancer. A word that makes your body shiver and your heart ache.

Haley moves out, following her parents wishes, and back to college. Here she shares a house with her best friend, Kyler. The friendship between the two is really heartwarming and it just makes you smile. Kyler is not Haley's only bestfriend, there is another person she grew up with, Noah, he is also Kyler's boyfriend since ... forever. Their trio is really awesome. Half star is for them!

Noah doesn't live with the two but shares a house with his old geeky roommate, Eli. Haley and Eli used to hang out during their freshman year, but Haley never saw beyond his geekiness and was too head over feet for another boy to even consider Eli as something more. Well when she does meet Eli again things are completely different. She feels attracted to him right away and can't stand stay away from him and at the same time can't stand the idea of beying happy with HIM. Here the part gets really annoying!!!

I do understand at first why she thinks the way she does and want's to stay away from him in order to concentrate on her mother illness... but after a while it gets kind of irritating. It's clear that there aren't any walls to keep up so why be stubborn and annoying about it? You're not a 15 year old.

You want him. You don't want him. You think you have the right to be jealous. Treat him like shit. Than want him... and so on... SIGH!


She acted all the time like a fool, like a childish girl, thinking all these stupid things that not even Bella in [b:Twilight|41865|Twilight (Twilight, #1)|Stephenie Meyer||3212258] would have come up with.

Eli instead was adorable, sweet, shy, flirty and great. Another half star goes to Eli.

The love part just made me sigh all the time, I couldn't stand it, it was boring, girlish, childish and so on. On the other hand I absolutely loved every single scene with her mother. It made me appreciate every single moment spent with my mother. I can't even imagine what it would be like to lose my mother now or later in my life, and this book just touched the right spot, it made me smile and cry. With a perfect ending it really touched my heart. All the remaining stars go to the mother/daughter relationship! Okay read... I think this book could have been perfect if the love relationship had been better described.