Learning to Live

Learning to Live - Kira Adams
"Sometimes, you have to be fully broken
in order to piece yourself together again".

This is the first book of a series [b:The Infinite Love Series|24837343|The Infinite Love Series (Infinite Love #1- #4)|Kira Adams|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1423112280s/24837343.jpg|44481363]. I found it and got it free on amazon.com. When I read the plot I thought it was about growing up and learning to love and that it was a tetralogy. I was really in for a good young adult love series... I'm in this chick-lit period and I'm kind of enjoying myself.

Well... after a little bit I figured out that this book was not part of a series but a standalone. I know I should have read the plot better. I'm the one at fault, but still that kind of disappointed me. 2.5 stars is all I can rate it.

Some spoilers -
This story is about a girl, Ciera, who has lived all her life as an outcast, she get's to be picked on, she is shy, has only one friend and a really big financial crisis at home. Stil she gets up everyday and smiles. Cliché but I got past that, I thought she was really cute... until ... I'm going to get back to it.

Then we have Topher, hot bad guy. Nothing too original there... samo samo. We have a stereotypical bad guy that turns out to be just a problematic kid who needs to be loved. Well he is one of the many that pick on poor Ciera, well at least thats what the first pages and the author tells us since he starts to find her attractive. Why you must ask??? I forgot to say that there is a little bit of Cinderella, black swan. There is this girl who just can't stand watching her being bullied and never fight back and actually decides to step up and help her becoming her fairy godmother!

Where was I? OH YES... Until we find out she has just a couple of months left. Last stage of cancer. My jaw literally fell, and not in a good way. The disappointment just grew. I'm sorry but for one brief second I thought it was going to be a tetralogy, and that Ciera was going to fight the cancer... and that for once we were going to read something different, but when I figured out that she was actually dying and writing a bucket list I just wanted to close the book and never open it again. But the style was okay and the love story between her and Topher cute... so I decided to give it a try.

A really okay story, some feels, some smiles... but that's about it. Couldn't get past the fact that I was reading ANOTHER story of a girl about to dye, that didn't want to get involved, that never experienced love, making love, and all that love and life have to offer. This book had soooooo many analogies with Spark's [b:A Walk to Remember|3473|A Walk to Remember|Nicholas Sparks|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1385738968s/3473.jpg|3143497] or the movie A time for dancing. I snorted so many times, it was like reading Walk to remember all over again. Sigh :(

I'm sorry, I know cancer is a really big issue but that doesn't mean it can be used so lightly. It kind of pisses me of that it gets used so often as a good expediant.