Dirty Angels

Dirty Angels - Karina Halle description

Warning : this book contains extreme hardcore sexual and graphic content. This book is not for the faint hearted. There are some elements like abuse, sexual harrasment, violence and torture that might cause some distress.

Before reading this you should first read the Sins & Needles trilogy. That's something that I DIDN'T do!!! And I don't know how I'm ever going to make up for it since I already know how the love triangle is going to end up.

Well only after reading this plot did I recall the author's name, and I guess it was already too late. I liked this plot and decided to read this book... :( well I don't regret it but I'm kind of sad, cus I don't know if I'll ever pick up the trilogy now.

"Because I want to destroy beautiful
things before they can destroy me"

This books made my guts swirl of exquisite agony that I almost couldn't recognize myself while reading. I was telling myself "You're a good person you can't stand this s***". You can't fall for Javier... you just can't". Sorry. I have. That's what this author has done to me... page after page she shattered my morals and made ME throw them out.

Let's not confuse fiction with reality! Mine is a review about a crude book, yes, but capable of giving me so many emotions that had me hooked from the first chapter and I just couldn't put it down!

I hated every male character in this book... even Javier. I don't know how many times I just wanted to rip his balls out! What he was doing was so wrong I just couldn't stand it, but my love for him was so close to Catullo's Odi et Amo that I just coudn't help myself from falling for him and his complex personality!

This book is a young woman, Luisa, who lives a reality very common to mexicans: poverty. She is forced to lock up her desires and dreams for the love of her ill parents. The love that they have taught her is the only thing that gives her the strenght to keep going. Day after day she sacrifices a piece of her soul til the day comes when she is forced to give it away, not to the devil, but to a demon. Salvador Reyes. When she accepts (well since she is forced we can't really talk about free will) Salvador's marriage proposal she gives up everything, even that little string of hope left in her heart.

But not all hope is lost when you enter Hell. Javier, our fallen angel, whose soul is shattered and covered in mud, has only one thing on his mind: rule Hell. He kidnaps Luisa and want's to use her to get to Salvador. What he wants is a drug trade. But what he doesn't expect is that there is so much more to trade. During the time they spent together he starts to really see her. This woman has a face, a voice, a story, a soul... she's not just some hostage, and he isn't just a captor.

"And that's when I knew, with
nothing but a smile, my Luisa,
my queen, had broken me"

Crude and dirty their love blows your mind aways. Even though we have a clear stockholm syndrome we stil can't help getting captured and fascinated by Luisa's twisted mind.She falls for him and doesn't want to change who he is but rule by his side. She's his queen.

I think that's the part that I personally loved the most. When he asks her to run away and forget about the cartels and Mexico she raises her head and firmly tells hims that that's not the man she has fallen for.

Crude and at times mind blowind this book is a great new adult. The graphic content is so precise that at times it makes you want to close the book and never open it again and at times it just has you hooked! The author did a great job giving this book a scary, crude and dark imprint.