Sparks Rise

Sparks Rise - Alexandra Bracken He is the best thing I have ever seen in my life. The worst thing.

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Me after reading Sparks Rise

After finishing Never Fade I thought to myself well before you start book three why don't you read the novella first? It's about SAM and there is love and hope... this tender and pure love with her old childhood friend, Lucas, that just stole my heart. They both stole my heart, made it feel warm and then shattered it.

How could a short story make you smile, cry, laugh, dream, scream, dispair, wonder, hope, give up, fight, love the way this one did????

Yes... love... hope... and tears. This book with its 100 pages just broke my heart in so many pieces that when I ended it I couldn't stop all the tears forcing their way out.

The sparks that came out of me while reading this book could have lighted up a whole city during a black out.

I can't belive I just read this... Alexandra Bracken has a way of writing that just captures you and makes you dream. Just like our Lucas who was dreaming for all the others that couldn't anymore...

I will dream for them, if I have to.

Please please please let there be Sam and Lucas in book three. Please. Otherwise my heart is going to meltdown and never regain its original form :((((