The Darkest Minds

The Darkest Minds - Alexandra Bracken 4.5 stars

Right now I'm feeling to many opposite emotions so its going to be really hard to put my thoughts together and write a good review.

I'm a huge fan of Sarah Maas, so when I saw her review I just had another great reason to read this book, that I already had added in my To read list.

This book is amazing, it just captures your whole mind and brings it in beliving things that we know are not real. It's not just a dystopian book but so much more, actually I wouldn't even consider it a dystopian because when there is a supernatural force, like in this case, extra abilities and powers, we can't really talk about anything less than fantasy with a mixture of a dystopian world in which our characters are put in.

And what characters... I just loved them all. We don't have the typical male lead or the female heroine, but scared teenagers that try to find strenght in each other, that try to fight their way for a better future, we have love growing between them, pure love, not just the one between Liam and Ruby, but the one that each one of them feels for the others. Adorable Zu and shy Chubs. Liam is one the most loving character I've ever read about, he is so sweet and gentle, heroic in his own shy and stubbern way. <3 <3 <3 And like always, when I fall in love with the main male character the book just flies on a new level! <br/>
All I want to do now is get started with the second book! I don't like memory loss, I hate it, hate it!!! I do understand why Ruby did what she did, but I just hope there is a way... she's going to give him all the memories stollen. I'm sure she has that ability, but just doesn't know it yet! He has to remember her or my heart is going to scream out all the pain that I'm trying to control inside! I've already had to deal with Daniel's memory loss in Champion, and the ending of all our yesterday... please not this one also! If this book was great, even if slow in some points (that's why 4.5 stars and not 5) the sequels are going to be mind blowing, I just know it! Too many things have happened in the last chapters, and that ending was breath thaking, eyes melting, heart pounding... I need to know like NOW, what happens to Chubs, when they're going to break free... and the POV? It's just hers... I want to know what happens to Liam! Where the other kids are, what happened to Clancy...

Beautiful book, loved it and I recommend it to EVERYONE! Just read it and you'll know why. It will just capture your heart.