Unteachable -  Leah Raeder After ten days I finally find the time to write this review.

No future and no past, only an endless now

I didn't fall in love with the book, but I didn't dislike it either. I really can't help it there are genres that are just not for me and erotica is certainly one of them. When I'm reading all the sex scenes I just can't help wanting to batter my head against the wall!

For me they're all the same... I just want to skip them! Well they're not really Alll the same, some things do change, but I'm a more emotional person so I get attached to the emotions that they're feeling and not the way their bodies move, again and again... Wow speaking like a Puritan, ahah kind of funny. I actually enjoy love books in which the characters actually do share an intense and passional moment but when you just fill blank pages with sex scenes I don't know, my interest just disappears.

Getting back to the story. The ending was so fairy talesh and everyone knows I just love fairy tales ending... but not this case! Really?!? Maybe part of a reason why I didn't like the ending much is that I just couldn't fall for the two characters. Evan and Maise. Actually I kind of hoped that things would change and that she would fall in love with her also wicked friend, Wesley.

I fell more emotions in their few scenes (Wesley and Maise's) than in the whole book. And I just couldn't get myself to like Maise... just couldn't. I have no problem with women that use their looks to get what they want, mostly when there is a screwed up past that they try to hide but that they eventually keep carrying around. Still... like I said I have no problem with women who find pleasure in other men's arms and warmth but it's kind of boring and annoying, a little self esteem and love for yourself, no???

There are many ways of resolving problems... and then when the main character just dislikes who she is and needs a man to find her inner self, well that just pisses me off! I know that Love can help! I've learned so much since I fell in love with my boyfriend, years ago, but still ... I already knew who I was, what I wanted and who I wanted to be and not be...

Okay. Stop. It's becoming a personal review ahahahhahahaha. Sorry

Well at the end it wasn't thatttttttt bad. I read it and got to the last chapter, and that alone means that I completely didn't dislike this book. So thats why I gave it 3 stars ^^ And then Maise actually surprises us choosing her future and her passion over the love of her life.

Good read and then at the end we actually take part in the growth of the three characters. In the lessons that can't be taught. Life is a big lesson and sometimes you just have to LIVE it and enjoy it and you'll find yourself learning day by day how to actually live. It's something that comes by itself and that can't be taught.

-It wasn't until later that I realized he'd hoped I'd say future. That's how you know someone loves you. When they want you to be happy even in the part of your life they'll never see-

-The thought of how much happiness lay scattered across the universe, unrealized, in fragments, waiting for the right twist of fate to bring it together-

"That's why. He let her go because he loved her"

"I never cry at movies" "Because you've never been in love"

"Guess I'm more romantic than you, then. I'd give up my future for true love"