Magic Bleeds

Magic Bleeds -  Ilona Andrews

I just found this picture on deviantart, it's artist is: ichan-again. Isn't it amazing???

There is a new member in the family. She is small and needy, and she's keeping me really occupied. I've finished this book the other day but I couldn't find a minute to write down a decent or at least a readable review.

By the way, she's a bull terrier puppy ^^. When I want to read she wants to grab my kindle and play, well we have to work things out, ahaha.

Okay. Now let's talk about this book.

People this series is a crescendo. A big one. Just when I thought "oh you can't fall more in love with this series" I was gladly contradicted. There is another surprisingly thing that happened while reading this book, I shed some tears. I knew how things were going to end, but still I couldn't help myself.

In this book we get to meet one of Kate's wicked/homicidal family member, her beloved aunt, Roland's sister. Erra.

Myth and action mix up in an amazing chapter. This one is surely one of my fav, but there are still so many books and novellas to this series that it would be reductive to start talking about best books.

Now I must go, otherwise Giulia is going to take down my house with her little teeth.

P.S. Let me just say that I need a Beast Lord. (Did I ever admit that I'm NOT really into shift shapers?) Well Curran you changed that and are surely the best man/Lion ever. I'm in love with you but I'm also rooting for you and Kate! Sooo I'll back off, lol.

Yep, those two are just awesome.

Let me just say. Fighting/kissing/sex scene! And all the lights are off and the heat is really up!

"I love you" I told him. "You said you would always come for me. I need you now. Come back to me. Please, come back to me."