Radiance - Grace Draven I'm sorry, I tried to like this book but it just got boring all of a sudden. I love fantasies and most of all I love romance, put the two together and you just made me happy. Well not this the case. I don't know... something was totally missing, I didn't mind the Beauty and the beast expedient, I mean it could have really worked, but it didn't for me.

Sorry, I needed to skip a lot of pages just to get to the end. Don't feel like giving it less then two stars since the 40% of the book wasn't that bad. The style was pleasant and I just couldn't wait for the story between the two to evolve in something more. Well that also disappointed me.

Oh well, probably it's just me and this book with it's world building is actually pretty good... who knows???

Feel kind of bad...

I could have liked it...

But... naaaaaa