Apprentice - Rachel E. Carter

I finally managed to write this review! While painting the kitchen I finally got a break, lol... Here I go. Hope to write down everything. There's a lot to say!

" Your future, dear Ryah,
has just begun"

Did you like [b:First Year|23365048|First Year (The Black Mage, #1)|Rachel E. Carter||42470738] ??? Yes? Well then you're going to love [b:Apprentice|23300435|Apprentice (The Black Mage, #2)|Rachel E. Carter||42856314] !!!! Didn't like much First year? Well you should read this one! You'll love it or at least like it! Didn't read First Year!? You absolutely have to... not only because it's a really good read but because it gets you to Apprentice!!!

Again I don't feel like writing the plot, you know how First Class ended. Well now we have 4 years of Apprentice in one whole book. I may say that is in fact the only flaw I found in this book... days, weeks, months and years past by too fast. At times I was having a hard time keeping up and remembering that another whole year had past. The mock battles were a great reminder.

✿ I'll start saying that I love this author's way of writing, she is capable of bringing out so much even in simple phrases. "My magic was a wild stallion raging within, rearing up against its prison of ember..." The graphic content is so precise that we have a beautiful realistic and fantastic vision of what is happening.

♛ Rachel E. Carter has brought this sequel to a whole new level. First Class was great and really enjoyable but with many flaws. I adored it. But this one? A whole different story. First of all we finally have many answers too all those questions popping up while reading First Class. The world building gets more accurate, but can be even better. Like I said this series has a lot of surprises and this author is going to steel our hearts, well she has already stolen mine and there are still two more books! I would have loved to have a map, just to go clear up my mind every now and then... but I think the one that I've built up is pretty cool as well!

So we have more descriptions, more fighting, woooo I loved the mock battles! What are those? Well you'll need to read this book to find out!!!

♚ Now let's get to our fav heroine, Ry. She grows day after day. We testimony the growth of her strength, her powers, her determination, her love, her values and her loyalties. I love Ry, I think she can become one of the best kick-ass heroine's. There were some parts that did kind of piss me off, her mind playing with a poor young curly boy... but then I reminded myself, she is in love with somebody she possibly can't love and She is young!!! So I forgave her and got back to loving her even more!

ღღღAlex & Ella ღღღ

I already loved them in book one, here I just learned to love them more. Well since it's only Ry's POV we get to live their love story trough her. I must say I would have liked to know more. Here I go... I'd love to read a Novella about their love story ^^ ... Just an idea, lol.

Now let's get to the main reason my heart almost risked a heart attack!

Darren, Ry and Ian.


I've NEVER loved a love triangle as much as this one. It never made me tight my fist and wish that the third guy would mysteriously disappear from the picture. I loved Ian and his sweet way of loving and caring for Ry, but I loved Darren even more, not because he is the bad guy and we tend to love bad guys, because WE ALL KNOW that Darren is everything but bad! He is lovely and his intense and torn love for Ry is just heart breaking, heart melting!!!

"Something I don't regret"

I loved the love part. It just made my heart race and stop, it made me hold on tight to the kindle cus I was scared that their beautiful love would just vanish.

➳ ❤ This book was great! Loved it, it isn't a cliffhanger but still can't wait for book three. Well I just read we'll have to wait a while but I'm pretty sure the wait will be worth it. Can't wait to get back to Darren, Ry, Alex and Ella. Hope to see Ian again, hopefully happy and in love! ^^

The ending was kind of surprising, I did know that Darren was up to something, that he still loved Ry but ... that ending??? Wow! Just loved it and I finally got to see Priscilla get slapped right on her beautiful face, well metaphorically speaking! And the love speech??? It just left me speechless and dreamy!

"That somehow, this insufferable girl would become the one person I am forever, hopelessly, madly drawn to against my will and possibly even my better judgment."