Into the Still Blue

Into the Still Blue - Veronica Rossi

That's exactly how I feel right now!
I'm having a really hard time rating this book since I struggled to get past the last half of the book. I tried, oh how I've tried to like this book.


I tried three times, the first time I thought it was because of me, because I was going trough a stressful moment do to the university, so I put it on hold for a better time.

The second time I picked up hoping that I was wrong, that the book was going to be at least a good read, just like the first two, well after finding it really boring I decided to put it a part for some time.

The third time I just had to finish it, so I started reading from where I left off... and started finding so many flaws that I just kept sighing. I wasn't liking it and I figured that it wasn't do to me anymore. Something was broken. I tried, like I said, to glue back all the pieces, to stitch back the parts, to tape back all the emotions that I had felt for the first two books... but that didn't work. Sometimes when something is broken there just isn't anything left to do but accept the fact that that broken thing will never be like before.


I'm so sorry. I really am pissed at myself because I wanted to find this book amazing and not lame. It's like the author has given her pen or laptop to some other author. A whole different author that just pulled me far and farther away from the characters that I had learned to love. I'm not going to write down all the things that were on my advice way to lame, or the cheesy parts that I didn't appreciate, or the auto destructive person Roar had become (it was way to forced, and I really didn't like it).


I'm giving this book 3 stars because at the end I really did enjoy this saga. I liked [b:Under the Never Sky|11594257|Under the Never Sky (Under the Never Sky, #1)|Veronica Rossi||15093785], I adored [b:Through the Ever Night|13253276|Through the Ever Night (Under the Never Sky, #2)|Veronica Rossi||18454415]. Then there is also Roar and Liv that made me smile in their novella. So I can't give this saga less then four stars.

This saga made me smile, laugh, and unfortunately also sigh. But it's okay I think deep down I'll always remember Roar, Perry and Aria.