The Black Mage: First Year (The Black Mage, #1)

The Black Mage: First Year (The Black Mage, #1) - Rachel E. Carter description

☺ Since I was a child I've always loved fantastic stories. The ones capable of making you dream and fly with your imagination. I grew up loving Marvel, anime like Dragonball (and there is a fighting scene in this book that just reminded me of Goku's Kamehameha - yeah I googled it, since in italian it's "Onda energetica", much easier to remember), and all the wicked stories, movies, cartoons, books, manga and so on. All this preamble to say that I could not not enjoy this book since it embraces all the fantastic things I love . There are a lot of flaws I must say but I think I'm capable of recognizing potential, and I must say I think this author will only improve. This series is going to surprise us!


There are so many analogies with Harry Potter (since I've only started reading Harry Potter months ago at the beautiful age of 24, it's inevitable that many things are pretty vivid in my mind) but I must say that that didn't bother me one bit. It's about a magic school! I don't mind analogies or any kind of work inspired by others. As an art historian I know that there would have never been a Michelangelo without Donatello's influence and so on. I know it's a bit off but that's just how things work, past inspires the present ^^.

After this brief parenthesis let me say that I enjoyed this book more than I actually expected. I was captivated by the style right away. The dialogues are this' author's forte. She loves to write dialogues and we love reading them. The world building isn't much developed and there are many uncleared things: does everybody have magic? Why are five warriors, five healers and five alchemists needed? The one that they are bound to protect is a reign threatened by others?

❣ These are just some of the questions... but not knowing didn't bother me nor did it change the enjoyment I was attempting while reading. We have one POV and it's the main heroine's point of view, she is giving us a view of her world, her struggles, her hopes. We shouldn't be expecting everything to be cleared out soon in book one just because that's how many author's work. This is FIRST YEAR so of course it would be centered on school experiences. Ryah's is in for Combat so why should we expect anything else when we already know that that's the main theme? The fighting parts were really incredible and the last fighting scene, with the loss, was kind of unexpected, I liked that ^^.

♣ I know Rachel E. Carter will clear out all the the misinterpreted parts and will bring us out of the Academy sooner or later. We will just have to wait.

P.S. Great Debut and can't wait to read the sequel!

Okay post scriptum's must always go at the end of the text... but I'm going to change the good old latinism rules.

♣ I'm not going to write down the plot again... the author has done a great job so you can read it there but I'm going to say that this book is capable of getting you hooked from page one to the end. For those capable of seeing beyond the flaws (world building and not many informations) you'll find yourself catapulted in a never ending learning experience. You'll find yourself struggling with Ry and her friends. You'll feel the power of magic run through your veins. And you'll also experience some feels!!!

'You can scream obscenities <br />         at me after'<br />And then he kissed me


◆Kick ass main Heroine ✔
◆Main heroine can hold her own in a fight ✔
◆Cool best friend ✔
◆A lot of magic ✔
◆Two of my fav characters slowly falling for eachother ✔ (I loved Ella and Alex sooo much and can't wait for their love story to develop)
◆Skilling tests ✔
◆A lot of fighting ✔
◆Kiss scene ✔
◆Great dialogues ✔
◆A lot of feels ✔
◆A prince, and what a black prince ✔
◆The bad guy turns out to be not so bad ✔
◆Cool teachers ✔
◆Female Rival that I just want to beat up ✔
◆Real friendship ✔ (Even if sudden, we all know that it's during hard times that you find yourself opening up. I remember my first day in the States, I started talking to this girl on the bus in a weird way (since I didn't know a single word in english other than nein, that I learned to be the german way to say NO, so I was going around telling people nine -> 9 when I wanted to say NO... that was funny if I think about it!) and we soon became best friends... So I do believe in occasional friendship that turns out into real friendship.
◆Nice, adorable and pretty hot brother ✔
◆Odi et Amo relationship ✔

And I could go on on and on. I'll just say that I was pleasantly surprised and that I can't wait to get my hands on book two! I need more of Darren and Ry, their sparkling attraction got me hooked!