Through the Ever Night

Through the Ever Night - Veronica Rossi After the thrilling [b:Under the Never Sky|11594257|Under the Never Sky (Under the Never Sky, #1)|Veronica Rossi||15093785] here comes [b:Through the Ever Night|13253276|Through the Ever Night (Under the Never Sky, #2)|Veronica Rossi||18454415]!!! I liked this book so much... well it absolutely deserves every single one of the four stars I gave it. ^^

I really enjoyed it and I liked it so much more than Under the Never Sky! The author brings this second book to a whole new level. The world building, the style, the dialogues, the descriptions and the characters mix up and generate an amazing dystopian young adult with a bit of supernatural to it.

This books starts off where we left. Aria hears steps and Perry is following her scent. He wants her, he needs her. He is the new Blood Lord, he needs to take care of his Tide, but he is also still a boy. The Tides don't accept Aria and declare it openly. Things aren't easy and Aria is forced to make a hard choice, the Aether storms are getting every day much threatening and Perry must make a choice that will guarantee a way to survive. The still Blue. Roar, Perry and Aria want to know if it exists... they want to reach, but everything comes with a cost. What are they willing to give up?

I adored the growing love between Perry and Aria. Not cheesy at all and it made me smile quite often. One whole star goes to their love story. Adorable.

"Do you ever miss anything?"
"You all the time"

I'm soooo happy that there is actually a book, since this is really rare, where there is a healthy beautiful, non malicious and pure friendship! The one between Roar and Aria. Finally!!! No forced love just to spice things up! Just a love story on one side and a beautiful and growing friendship on the other side!!! Yeayyyyyyyyyy...


Some spoilers - skip this part if you haven't read the book. I shed some tears and couldn't help it. Life isn't fair and love doesn't always win against all odds. Sometimes cruel things happen and we have to embrace whatever life has to offer. And thats exactly what Roar, my fav character, needs to do. He needs to fight even though it hurts. Even knowing so little of his love story with Liv, it still hurt. Young adult shouldn't be all roses, happy endings and fairy tales (even though I admit those are the endings I prefer, but thats cus I'm a dreamer ^^). We are not talking about the death of a main character but she somehow was part of Roar, and like I said he is my fav character... so it's like a part of him has died with her as well. Death in young adults is something that needs to be used with delicasy, and Rossi managed to do great. I really dislike when authours use the death of one of the main characters or illness as a good expedient. That's why i TOTALLY disliked [b:Allegiant|18710190|Allegiant (Divergent, #3)|Veronica Roth||15524549].

Just a parenthesis. Sorry x.X

Well this was a relly good book, great read. I suggest it ... hope book three will be as good.

"Should we try this again?" he asked.
"The right way" she said and wove her fingers through his.