Foreplay - Sophie Jordan
"This wasn't a fling.
It was less than that. It was us pretending.
Playing at something more"

I don't remember the last time I've read a new adult with a pretty common plot that made me shiver, smile, laugh, and love all at once. This book sure isn't perfect, and sure isn't "special" but it sure is heartmelting! My feels were going up and down like a teeter totter. I'm pretty picky on new adults and love stories, so if I gave it 4 stars it means it really deserves it!!! This book I'm pretty sure made and is going to make a lot of hearts flip.

When I decided to to start [b:Foreplay|17254035|Foreplay (The Ivy Chronicles, #1)|Sophie Jordan||23845708] I was looking for a fast-paced read and I was really surprised to find a very enjoyable and entertainment read.

I gave it 4 stars because it's really hard to find a contemporary new adult that makes you feel all these emotions and makes you smile when things get heated up. I found the sexual graphic great, the two main characters were discovering new pleasures while searching for their true selves. Never faking their kisses and smiles.


Broken. Why I didn't give it 5 stars... The common plot with the abuse. I'm sorry I get it it's a really really great expediant, it sells, it makes you sad, it gets the readers into the story, into the character... and so on. Well that doesn't work for me. I mean I get it, bad shit happens... but it's kind of frustrating to open a new adult and every time find an abuse that justifies the main characters behavior.

Life isn't what we plan it to be... plans are worthless when there is only one life to live. Don't you think? This book is about life, the one that you live day by day.

Pepper is a college student with no experiences and only one thing on her mind: get Hunter and find safety. Well Hunter reprensents the shelter she has always dreamt of. He is her bestfriend's brother, he is the one that saved her and made her feel welcomed, he is all that she wants. Or not?

Be careful what you wish for.

Pepper finds out from her bestfriend that Hunter has finally broke up with his girlfriend and he is single. That means one thing! Yeah, she can finally declair her love to him.

What does Pepper do? Hide.

Butttt her cool friends Em and Georgia help her get out of the shell and live the life, oh no they just drag her to a bar and force her to flirt with the hottest bartender alive!!! How can she get the man of her dreams when she can't even flirt? She decides to learn how to play the game that gets your heart beating and your brain melting. Foreplay.

Reese, hot, adorable, hot, nice, hot, caring, hot, bartender. Did I say HOT? I fell in love with him right away! He actually decides to help her out... once the truth is out. He gets her playing and learning that you can't play a game and not fully get involved. We know how things are going to end up. Thank goodness!!! Life is full of surprises and Pepper soon finds out that reality sometimes is even better than dreams! Sometimes the journey is so much better than the destination.

"You want me to make it sound less wrong.
You want me to tell you I'm something else.
Something that isn't broken. Is that it, Pepper?"

Read this book if you're looking for a really pleasant read.