The Opportunist

The Opportunist - Tarryn Fisher This was supposed to be a buddy read but I just finished it in one whole night :( sorry Anna but last night I just couldn't sleep :/

2 stars for the plot
1 star for keeping me company til 3 o'clock

There are so many things to say about this book that I just have no idea where to start! I liked/disliked the whole book! Every single character just seemed so messed up that I couldn't stand em! Everything was so wrong that it scared me, and at a certain point I started to doubt my own moral and started to ask myself "Mabye you're the one who doesn't get whats happening, maybe you're the one with bad morals... Are they really that bad?" But the answer would always be one:

Yes!!!! They are all messed up!!!

I hate lies, in my life I can't stand people that lie for a living, that become their own lies! I know that the truth sometimes can hurt but I always prefer it over some sweet/sour lie. People get tangled up in their own lies in ways that is seems impossible to get freed, to see where the truth starts and the lie ends.

The characters here are manipulating weirdos that are just obsessed with one another in a sick way! They're so wrong that I hated the fack that everything they were doing and saying felt right!

From the very start I knew that Caleb did NOT have amnesia. I do belive in destiny, I hold on tight to my destiny flag and swing it often! I belive in fairy tales and all that, but sometimes its just not destiny and not even coincedences that make things happen. But choices, choices made by calculating and scheming.

The love between Caleb and Olivia was kind of sick and possissive, but it was theirs to hold on to. It was the mirror of who they were and what they wanted from eachother. You can't have pure love if your broken inside. But even though they SO did not deserve an happy ending I wanted them to find peace with eachother. And grow old and "good" together! LoL.

And then what was up with that ending??? He is not dad why are you turning around and seeing him wink at you under the tree??? That part was like "WTF?!" and it really gave me chills and creeped me. No sence.

Well I guess I'm really curious now so I will be starting book two soon, even if I'm not entusiastic about Leah's POV... oh well we'll see. I kind of got spoiled on the ending of the whole series so I don't have a certain egerness to find out what happens but I'm sure curious to know how it happens.

"I never forgot you"

Stay tuned ^^