Cracked - Eliza Crewe description.
I surely have a weakness when it comes to bad heroines… I’m kind of tired of good o goody miss perfect, always doing the right thing at the right time, always saying the right thing that lights your spirit and so on… Aren’t you???
Meda is everything a bad heroine should be and so much more, because deep inside she has a lovely heart. But like I said she isn’t “good”, she says what she thinks without really caring of hurting others, since her biggest concern is her safety. Yes, for her own safety she is willing to tag along the Crusaders and pretending to be a good girl. Oh and when she is asked to pretend to be bad? Just hilarious.

I mean… she is a bad girl pretending to be a good girl that has to pretend to be a bad ass bitch! That is just fucking mind blowing. I loved her POV. She made me laugh, smile and laugh again.

“Good God, children. Can we focus on what’s important? Me”

Well this book isn’t just funny, but it’s well written and the plot is pretty amusing. It’s not a five star book because something is surely missing, but I think the next book is going to just step up the latter and take this saga to a whole new level.
At the ending of the book we find out so many things, many secrets are revealed and some tears get out willingly. I adored reading this book. It just got me in relaxing mode and got me laughing a lot! And that’s something I always look forward to.

Meda is a half demon, half Crusader, half human! That alone is a reason to read this book to find out how she manages to have a personality! Then there is also a love story. Not really heart melting but still really enjoyable. It’s not hard to figure out how things are going to work out between Jo and Chi, but still… reading about them and their quarrels was kind of amusing. So I guess we can add that to the many reasons why this book is just GREAT.

And then there is a promise… Armand Delacroix. As soon as I read about him I was already drooling all over myself. So can’t wait to see how that ends up. ^^