A Court of Thorns and Roses - Sarah J. Maas

If you loved [b:Crown of Midnight|21996232|Crown of Midnight|Sarah J. Maas||21581860] you are going to love this book.

If you are a fan of THE BEAUTY AND BEAST you're going to find yourself falling for this book, hard real hard. You know when you finish a book and still think about it? Well this book isn't perfect but it surely is one of those.

This is in fact a retelling of the Beauty and the Beast. [a:Sarah J. Maas|3433047|Sarah J. Maas|] took a marvelous fairytale and transformed it in so much more. It's not just a romantic tale of how a "human" falls in love with a beastly Fae, but how that love can shatter a realm or save it.


I love Sarah's style, her world building is always so precise and full of details. She drags you in this wonderful world where you actually get to live. I've seen her style become more vivid, more detailed, more precise, more captivating with her [b:Throne of Glass|16034235|Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass, #1)|Sarah J. Maas||11138426] series. I think she'll do the same with this series. The first book is more about the falling in love, the sacrifice, the truth being told... the next books are going to either shatter our hearts or make it pounce and dance of joy. We'll just have to wait... a whole year!!!


Now here is a good question: If I loved this book Soooooo much why did I give it 4 stars?</>

- Well after reading Heir of Fire I must admit I was expecting just a bit more.

- I loved Feyre, but at times she acted like an immature... always putting her mortal life at risk.

- I loved Tamlin, really, really loved him (I'm going to talk about him in a sec) but he could have shown his love in a certain situation (you'll know once you read the book) even though his strength for the one he loved was admirable. I wanted a bit more ^^

- I loved the romance, but not many feels... I wanted my heart to stop just the way it did with Chaol :/ (I don't want to compare the two series, but it's kind of inevitable)

Well as you can see nothing major but I'm saving my 5 stars for the next book, that I'm pretty sure will steal my heart like all Sarah's books.

(⊙.⊙) Oh and that ending?! It made my heart melt. Poor Feyre!!! I couldn't believe what was going on and what she had to endure... that while I was reading I was clenching my kindle so hard just to let the pain in my heart go away. That ending is going to have a major influence on Feyre. Everything is going to change.
Let's hope not her feelings.

P.S. There is no cliffhanger, so if you're looking for a great book, with a great world building, with action and love mixing up THIS IS THE BOOK YOU MUST READ!



Look at the first picture. Of her and Tamlin and then look at the cover. That's our Feyre. With that tattoo!!! When you'll read you'll know what it means!!! #cantwaitforbooktwo

Human or not she is a kick ass heroine. She has the determination of an huntress and has the heart of an artist. I love art, so when I was reading all her descriptions I felt like I was watching the paintings, the murals and the amazing nature that rose around her.
She is an heroine that we either love or hate, and I must admit that at times I wanted to kick her, but everything she did… she did it for love. She sacrificed herself for HIM. Her true love.
Well I LOVED HER! I loved everything about her. She's also amusing, she made me smile and laugh often. But she also took my heart and made it melt.

"Though I supposed for Tamlin - for High Fae used to ethereal, flawless beauty - it HAD been a struggle to find a compliment. Faerie bastard"

"I would never be able to capture that - never be able to paint the feel and taste of him, no matter how many times I tried, no matter how many colors I used"



This is how I imagine Lucien with his red hair (not that red in this pic) and his metallic eye. HOT. HOT. HOT
Ohhh Lucien. <3</b>
I fell in love with Lucien right away. Sarah has this way of making you love all her characters, probably because she writes with LOVE. Lucian is funny, harsh, faithful, amazing, handsome, a real friend. He's Tamlin emissary, a lost Lord, a Fae whose heart has been shattered. He is willing to risk his life for his loyal friend and for the freedom of the Spring Court's people.

Ohhhhh you'll love Lucien!!!

Rhysand... what to say! He is an antagonist, and what a hot antagonist. He turns out to be worst than we expected and better than we hoped. He is fascinating, intriguing, and he does all that he can to get under Tamlin's skin. Fyere at the beginning is just an expedient but then something changes.

There is so much more under that dark mask of his, can't wait to know more!

We will see what that last scene meant in the next book. Well we have a whole week every month to figure out Rhys and his twisted mind. I really like his character but I'm not rooting for him. Fyere risked her life and so much more for Tamlin, their love is so pure that I couldn't stand something growing between her and Rhys (I know a lot of you aren't with me... but the heart wants what it wants).


Well that's exactly how I imagine my HIGH LORD! With his golden hair and bright green eyes! Tamlin! I wanted so much more, more flirting, more bickering, but everything was perfect! He was perfect. There is one scene that just shattered my heart. He demonstrated his pure love for her by bowing and begging. In that scene I fell in love with him, his bowing was a real demonstration of power: the power of love.
He isn't ashamed to bow his head for the love of his life, or either beg when there is nothing left. His cold stoned heart makes our little human one beat. Beat fast. All for him. I want more!!!