All Our Yesterdays

All Our Yesterdays - Cristin Terrill It's really hard to write a good review for a book that I loved from the cover to the very last page (and the little chapter written by the author), but I will try because it's the least I can do for this amazing book. Did I already say how amazing this book is? Lol

I'm not really an expert in time travel novels, but I've practically watched every single movie there is about it and read a couple of books about it, but nothing can be compared, on my advice, to this book! Wow, thats a lot of buts, lol. It's not just about time traveling, it's about living the characters lifes while they live in the Past, escape from the Future, and see the Present change right in front of their eyes. The past versions of themselves that change the present, while the future versions of themselves try to change the future. It really is MINDblowing!

- Spoilers Ahead
From the very start I fell in love with Em and Finn, and their Love, and that was the hardest part. Knowing they needed to change the Past to have a better Future... it hurt because I really came to love them page after page. So the question that burns your brain is: If they do change the Past that will automatically change the Future and they will never fall in Love the way they did! But then we see the Past versions of themselves getting closer ... just a little, and you start to like this other version of them and start to think oh well they are going to fall in love and the author is giving us a close look to how it's going to happen... But noooooooooo, the ending is another VERSION of themselves that we know nothing about, and kind of feel distant from them and that makes us, well me, hurt for a little. But then the author makes that warm feeling rise in Marina's heart while she holds Finn hand. Adorable!

"I know loving someone doesn't ever completely go away, but it's hard for me. I see the way Marina is with him, and it STILL tears me up inside. I can't take it from you, too. I can't always be the consolation prize for you, Em. I love you too much".

"I love you Finn, and hate myself for not saying it until now". He seems to have caught my trembling, and he places a sweet, shaky kiss to my lips. "I think I can forgive you".

- James is an amazing character, his enigmatic and complex past self and his future evil and determined self just makes your hair skin blow up and chills scatter all over your body! I loved and hated him, I loved who he was and hated who he was going to be, I hated his little functional mind always working and always calculating... and I just wanted to erase the kiss scene, didn't feel right even though I wasn't the one kissing him. Lol.

But at the end he choses to be a good person, putting an end to all the misery and getting our loving Finn back! And giving Nate the opportunity to actually Live! He does change the world in a better place just like he always wanted, to bad that he saves it from himself.

Finn! Finn! He is just adorable, I really did fall in love with his strenght, and carisma, and charm, and his love for Marina/Em. He just loved her unconditionally, because thats how love is. Pure, not calculated.

This book really got me like few books. The style, the change of POV from past to future, the hatred and a spark of attraction between past Finn and Marina, the love that Marina felt for James, reason she will never be capable to put an end to his life, the brotherlish and strong/strange love that James feels for Em, that is the reason he haunts her and chases her and needs her, and can't kill her.

"That's why I can't kill you, and you can't kill me. Because even if it means the end of the world, I love you too much"

This scene kind of hurt because Finn was right there, but he understood and smiled at her knowing that she would always love him (James) but that love was something completely different from the one she felt for him.

And then there is the LOVE between Finn and Em, and that last scene! Just heart breaking, sweet, tender, wonderful. I just loved it!!! And with this I'm closing my review of a book that has found a little place in my heart, and I will cherish it for a long time.

"Finn," I say, "if we can do it, if we change things, I'll never fall in love with you. And you'll never fall in love with me."

"Don't be so sure" he says, pressing his forehead to mine. "I think I was in love with you long before any of this started"

I don't know wheter I want to laugh or cry. "Really?"

"Really". He presses a sweet kiss to my lips. "There's always HOPE FO US".