Noughts & Crosses (Noughts & Crosses Trilogy)

Noughts & Crosses (Noughts & Crosses Trilogy) - Malorie Blackman description

Maybe hatred has nothing to do with the devil either. Maybe it’s something we’ve invented. And then we just blame it on you, God, or on the devil, because it’s easier than blaming ourselves…

4.5 stars

- Some spoilers ahead -

The first thing I looked at was the number of books, Four. Afterwards I decided to start this new dystopian adventure full of racism, love, friendship and injustices, but the ending that kind of shocked me has made me change my mind... I don't think I will continue... well at least for now.

I fell in love with this book right away! It's not just about a love story, actually the whole love story is not even the centre of this story, we know there is love between the two main characters, Sephy and Callum, and we actually root for them even knowing there won't be an happy ending.

This book is about a world full of racism, a reality that we decive in beliving is far far away. That is so not true, and it's not just about black and white, it's not about being african or asian, european or austrian. These are just some etiquettes that are used on deviding a population that just shouldn't be devided. There are still so many prejudices that surrond women, homosexuals, disabled, shy people, exuberant people, rich people and poor people... and on and on.

This book is about hope... That is, we know, all that is left. Hope synonym of LOVE. Without love we're just lost and there is no point in living.

I wanted to punch the wall so many times while reading this book because what mankind has gone through in ages is so unfair, it doens't matter if the coin is flipped and black ruled the world... it doesn't give back what our fathers and granfathers and grangranfathers have lost... their humanity

This book is so deep and just makes our heart cry!

Dear God, if you really are out there, somewhere, please find some way for Sephy and I to be together when we’re older. For good and all when we’older. Together for ever. Dear God, please. If it’s not too much to ask. If you’re out there…

I so don't want history to repeat itself... we've had our conquerors, our holy rollers, our kings and queens, our dictators... we've had it. But it's still not enough. We turn on the telly and we see other fanatics that want to tear down the world in which we live in, we see children killing each other with no morals, we see homosexuals isolated and not accepted beacause "different".


Who are we to decide who is different? Who are we to decide that what's different must automatically be bad? What a presumption! What a fu**** up society do we live in???

Sorry. I didn't want this to a be a critique, but that's exactly what this book is about and that's why I loved it so much. This author, with her gentle and hard style, just captures our souls and isn't soft on crushing our hearts.

P.S. sorry for any grammatical mistakes, my english is a bit rusty.