Spell Bound

Spell Bound - Rachel Hawkins ★ ★ ★ ☆ 3.5

Spoiler Alert

I'm really sad for many reasons and one of them is that I've finished this series. The last book wasn't nearly as good as the first two, but if we add up the storyline + characters + romance + fun the result is a great trilogy!
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These book were very light and great for a night read that just put me in relaxing mode, and not many books are capable of making you smile, laugh and cry at the same time.

In this book there are a lot of buts. The story was soo slow that I almost fell asleep a couple of times, nothing really happens and there is so much little adventure. We find out, but we already knew it, that Sophie's mom is a Brannick, and that means that Sophie is a demon hunter too... "Yay" for wanting to use one of Sophie's favorite expressions! Then there is the Eye... wait is there really an EYE? Cus I personally didn't see it! Comm'n where were they the whole time? Merciless demon killers that don't show up, not even once! No wonder the crazy head Council Lara Casnoff makes up the whole story of being attacked by the EYE, at least she makes the story more interesting!

So the first half we're kind of stuck with a Sophie that's powerless, but can use powers when the ghost of Eloide jumps in her little body. We start to see a whole new side of Eloide's, and then we hate and love her. Hate her when she uses Cal to make Archer suffer. Did you really have to use my poor Cal?! He already had no hope and then you just goo and you just get his hopes up! Bad Eloide! But I forgive you... cus you're prob going to make him happy in a ghostly way!
Yes... Because our lovely Cal dies! He has saved Archer like what 200 times frome nearly death and he just disappears like that! So unfair. We knew that Sophie was going to chose Archer so why let Cal die? It's a light book, and I don't like it when tears come out for light books (that are supposed to make me laugh and smile! Not cry!).
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Well the sacrifice is always something that authors love putting in their book. It's heroic. Then there is the love triangle that had to be solved without hurting anybody. And then there is the lovely and lonely ghost of Eloide, all aloneeee... and she just needed company! Yeah, but why Cal?!

Don't even want to talk about the scene where he is about to be sucked by the pit and looks up and sees Sophie and says: It's Okay Sophie. It's Okay!

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Well he did already know what was going to happen, cus he had seen it in the Underworld, and he still chose to sacrifice his life for the love of his life and for her happiness... Sad!
It was the first time I didn't hate the other one (Archer) and then they make Cal die... not fair! I don't know, the whole ending seemed a little rushed, fight that lasted 5 pages, the death and recovery... I think it could have been worked out better.

Happy about Jenna, Archer and Sophie ending up together, ready to start a whole new year and give Hex Hall a new start. Like Sophie said it was the least she could do for him... Cal ...

Sooooooooo happy for ❤♡❤ARCHER AND SOPHIE!❤♡❤ NICE ROMANCE AFTER ALL! And the sarcasm between these two was hilarious! And It was always Archer, even though I loved Cal more❣❣❣

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At the end it was okay, nothing great like I said, but it made me smile a lot! And the series deserves ★ ★ ★ ★ stars :)