Demonglass - Rachel Hawkins Wow just finished this book and it was extra ordi - wait for it - nary! Just loved it. And the surprising part is that it even got better than the first one!

Spoiler Alert

Well while I'm writing I feel a little confused, because I just dislike triangles. And this book got me all frustrated. I love the two male characters, but I can't help it... don't know when I started falling for Cal, the fact is that I fell for him. Don't know what will happen and prob nothing is going to happen between Cal and Sophie, but can't force my heart to beat for Archer.

I adore Archer, and I kind of feel sorry, because I don't like it when I'm hoping that he gets screwed just cus I like Cal more... okay don't know what I'm writing. I think Archer is great and then I just adore his sarcasm, and he makes me smile. But CAL makes my heart melt... comm'n the flower scene? He was so tender that Shakespeare could have written a whole love poem just by looking at the guy, that is also Hot, and he would have been inspired by his tenderness.

And then there is that final kiss ... ohhh my heart was melting and I had to get ice to ice it back together... and I don't even want to bring up the scene where Cal saves Archer, just for her love... that kind of hurt, but I was glad that Archer lived. We need to play fair! (Me and Cal - we just formed a team! ahaha) And then Cal is too good, he would have never let Archer die knowing that he would, in part, be responsible for his death, and that Sophie would have hated his guts for her long demon life!

Okay lets pass on to... Sophie ... Our adorable messed up demon. She is just so sweet and cute and... ohhh I'm going to kick your a... when she doesn't get any spell right! I loved the way she acted in this second book, the forgiveness for her father and Archer, and the love that she felt for these two. Well there is the friendship with Jenna... Where the hell is Jenna??? and there is this new relationship with Cal ^^.

Well I also liked the whole background, the suspance is there and there is also a lot more action then in the first book, and I certenally love that! Well now we know who summoned or created the deamons, and why... and now we just need to kick their a... and hope that Cal and the others are okay! Otherwise we kick harder! "Ohhh gosh Teresa what the hell is happening to you? "

"Sorry alter ego... I m in a shi...ty mood!!! If Cal gets thrown out of the picture I'm going to burn my ebook reader!"

Well can't wait to read the next, and last book!!! Hope to see Sophie release her strenght, well use her power in any way since the girl got it stuck! Fingers crossed for many reasons. But for those who didn't get it... I'm totally head over feet for Cal.