Hex Hall

Hex Hall - Rachel Hawkins Some spoilers ahead.

When I picked out this book I wasn't expecting anything great and I'm always glad when I'm wrong! This book was really sweet and adorable and it surprised me in the end, I really didn't see it coming. I started thinking and wondering who The Eye could possibly be and there it is... the shocking news. Archer. That's the only person I wasn't thinking of, but I already started to find a very fancy explanation and that is that Archer is like an undercover Eye working for the Council! Yeah I like my theory! Well he is the main male character so he has to have a major and good role.

Sophie ends up to be a really cool character. I liked her a lot and the fact that she isn't capable of getting a single spell right. And that's king of funny. Oh and the fact that she isn't a witch but a demon, that's really cool. The heroine doesn't necessarily have to be a good person just because she has "nice" blood flowing in her vains, but she can be "good" even if her blood is full of evilness... Welcome to my personal LaLa land where everything is possible.

Felt sorry for the death of Elodie, didn't like her at the beginning cus she was in love and dating, or wathever, Archer and so I just wanted to get her out of the picture, but when she actually did get out of the picture I kind of felt sorry, like I said. But my sadness lasted for two max three seconds.

I like Jenna, she's cool and she's a vamp, and I just love vampires!

I also like Cal, that I'm sure is Sophie's fiancee. Don't know how I feel about that, I mean I don't dislike the guy and who knows what will happen in the second book.

Can't wait to read the second one!
A really nice book that relaxes you in a way that other books can't.