Anna and the French Kiss

Anna and the French Kiss - Stephanie Perkins 3.5 - 4 stars for a really delightful book. I loved it from the very start and practically finished it in a couple of hours. It was sweet and I never get tired of love stories that make my heart stop and beat faster! Just love them. I loved Anna and Etienne's love story even though there were a couple of times where I was about to lose it! And I know how it feels to Loooooveeee someone to the point of thinking that losing it day after day is never enough, that you could never get tired of his smile, his beauty, and so on. When you love you become really stupid and weird! And that's amazing! Well maybe there were some parts that have been repeated often, like his beauty, Lol, and it got my nerves that she seemed so naive, even when he was opening up his heart to her she just couldnt belive it! C'mmon Anna! The boy has lost it for you!!! And then there is the whole situation with Mer and Bridge, that is a little stressing... but hey she gets it straighten out. Then I like the descriptions of Paris, one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the whole intire world. I've been there with the love of my life, and it was just soooo... magic! So romantic! And when you Love and are Loved it's not just a city, it's THE CITY.

Well really cute. Loved it. Pleasent reading!

And we're finally home

"It's the beginning of everything." I look back up. He's smiling. "WELCOME TO PARIS, ANNA. I'm glad you've come"

Yesterday, I: (1) made out with my best friend, even though I swore to myself I never would, (2) betrayed another friend by that same make-out session, (3) brawled with a girl who was already out to get me, (4) earned two weeks of detention, and (5) verbally attacked my best friend until he ran away.

"And that. Why don't you call me Etienne anymore?"
"But... no one else calls you that. It was weird. Right?"
"No. It wasn't" His expression saddens. "And every time you say 'ST. Clair', it's like you're rejecting me again"

"Say my name again" he whispers.