Scarlet - A.C. Gaughen The first thing that came to mind as soon as I figured out this was about Robin Hood's band was the Robin Hood song that the italian cartoon singer Cristina D'avena sang, here's the link if you'd like to listen to it, it's really adorable:


I grew up with Robin Hood's cartoons and soon fell in love with all the movies and the stories... and when I found out that one of my fav author had actually wrotten Robin Hood, not only did I feel stupid but also enthusiastic. I went out and bought Dumas' Robin Hood and after reading it I just couldn't stop holding it and smiling! Even though Lady Marion dies, I was prepared for her death but it still hurt. And right now I'm hoping that the author that did not like the weak figure of Marion will actually change the ending ^^, well Scarlet is no weak Marion.

A hero who steals from rich to give to poor, to help them pay taxes ^^ we can't help falling in love with someone like that! Even if its just a tale, a myth, a book character! Just can't help it, and Gaughen's Robin seems even more handsome!

I really really loved this book, and I'm happy because it's not easy to pick up a tale like Robin Hood and internalize it like A.C. Gaughen has done. She on my advice has done a marvellous job. At first I must admit I had a hard time getting used to Scarlet's language, it sounded forced and annoying and so no natural, and I think that was the author's purpose. Let's not forget who Scarlet is. A Lady.

We have a story set in our favorite forest, Sherwood and we find most of the characters loyal to Robin like little John, here John little, Much; Friar Tuck and Lady Marion, that takes the name of one of the characters, Will Scarlet. We don't find a lady like Marion but a thief, forced to steal to live at first and then forced to live to steal goods that could help others survive. It's clear like the rain that she is totally head over feat for our hero, Robin Hood, even though she has a hard time figuring it out. Stupid Scarlet! There is also another one falling slowly in love with Marion, cus we already know that "our" Robin is totally lost over her, and that is John little. His parts weren't annoying at all, I actually liked him a lot and fell pretty sorry for him... Well we will see what will happen in book two between them and how things are going to get tensed in the band. And I also hope that the author gives us a good love or happy story for John, he really deserves it.

I liked the adventures, the fighting, it wasn't much but it was good. I liked the descriptions and the feeling that the dialogues made me feel. I lost a couple of heart beat along the reading and just couldn't help it. Robin melts our hearts with his words and then shatters Scarlet's hope, but we know why he does and says what he does. <3 Our hero <3 *.*<br/>
I love it when books make my heart melt.

"We don't lie to each other, Scar. Especially not about things that mean I might lose you."


Some spoilers - - After finishing this book I just wanted to start the second as soon as possible. Lady Marion wed to that little mean rat, the sheriff dead, Robin and Scarlet hugging, I wanted to know more and read more but I decided to wait for book three, I don't feel like not only suffering after book two but also being forced to wait months before book three comes out, no way! Pure torture!