Under the Never Sky

Under the Never Sky - Veronica Rossi description

Found this image on the net and just fell in love with it. Isn't it AWESOME!?

As soon as I finished this book I started reading the second one, and that only means one thing: I liked this book. Mine is not a full 4 star rating, more like 3.75, but still I think it deserves 4 stars. It's a really pleasant book that makes you smile, gives you shivers now and then, it has potential since the plot is good and it also has a growing love story. ^^

The book starts out with Aria being saved by a savage, and what a savage, and then getting thrown out of her own world, the Realms and the Pod. The only "fake" reality she has known of her whole entire life. And when the veil of Maya is off... the truth strikes her. Reality lies outside the Pod and not inside...

Forced to survive she actually finds an alley in her savage savior, Perry, that feels like puking just by staying near her. He is a Scire and he also smells tempers. And he just dislikes her scent and everything about her... she is the main reason why he has lost his nephew. That's what he thinks at first, and only at the end will the truth be revealed to us.


Well of course we know where all that hatred is going to bring them... closer and closer until they can't stand breathing the same air without sharing it. The romantic part is really touching, it wasn't rushed at all and it felt so real that it made my heart melt. I loved their dialogues and fights and kisses. Great and adorable couple!


There is another character worth describing: Roar. Perry's best friend and Liv's, Perry's sister, lover. Well he is still searching for her, and loving her even though she is far gone. He needs to find her and we can't wait for that day to arrive. He is so sweet ^^ He is an Aud, he hears things from far far away... And we find out that he's not the only one with this special ability.

At the end of the books many things happen, many hopes get shattered, and a new Blood Lord has gained his right to rule.

Can't wait to read book two, oh wait I'm already reading it! Hope it gets better and I want more love and jealousy! ^^ Lol.