Perfect Chemistry

Perfect Chemistry - Simone Elkeles When I first started reading this book I thought to my self "it's going to be the same lame young adult book", but I was pretty glad that I was wrong. This is a really light book to read, very simple, there are no descriptions, only two points of view that make us experience, even if it's only for a brief second, the characters emotions. It's not the same story bad boy/ rich and pretty bimbo. It's about a teenage love romance that grows beetween two people that are more similar than they think, and when the masks are off the attraction is inevitable. I loved the pure sentiment that Brit had for her sister, that kind of made my heart melt. I'm kind of a dreamer and so when there are happy endings, I just love the books even more. I don't belive in people changing but Brit did not really change Alejandro, she just made him recognize who he really was and what he really wanted. 3.5 STARS are perfect for the perfect chemistry you feel grow between the two.